> Hi ada activists,
> We are currently performing a code walkthrought (ada source code of
> course). In the checklist we have an entry for maintainability along
> with others like readability, conformance with coding standard, data
> flow errors, testability, etc.
> We found some problems to decide whether a compilation unit passes or
> fails on the maintainability topic. One option could be to evaluate the
> complexity of the code using Mccabe, Haltstead, or/and Harrison figures.
> In this way the problem is the establishment of the valid range for
> these figures.
> If someone can enlighten me or provide any useful information, thanks a
> lot.
> Angel Fernández Guerra.
  An organization with which I have been affilated uses McCabe.
They set a goal of 10 or less for an Ada subprogram.
If the module is over 15, it needs "an explanation".
However, McCAbe routinely gives high numbers for a set of
simple if's inside of a case statement.  This is highly
maintainable, but the McCabe numbers would tend to indicate

I hope that this is useful.

Dr. Paul Stachour.