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> In <[log in to unmask]> Gary Kephart's sig includes
> "Investment Technology Group, Inc" and "The Future of Trading".
> A couple of years ago I used Ada (9X then) in work for Technical
> Tools, whose motto was "Software for Speculators".  Robert Leif
> has suggested that Ada should forget DOD and go to where the
> *real* money is, and, implicitly, where 'correct' *really* matters.
> Perhaps its happening.

I wish I could say that ITG uses Ada to develop products, but I can't.
We use C++ and Perl. I chose ITG because I wanted out of aerospace, and
this seemed like a good choice. ITG is not interested in Ada (I've
tried). However, if anyone knows of non-aerospace Ada jobs in Southern
Cal, I'm open to suggestions.
resume: http://users.aol.com/photeus/resume.html
cover letter: http://users.aol.com/photeus/cover_letter.html

Yeah, I know, this stuff belongs on comp.lang.ada, but I couldn't


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