I am trying to obtain a listing/information on the old ADA83 Booch
     Components library, assuming there was such a library. I only find
     information on the new ADA95 library on the 'net' (www.rivatech site).

     With respect to the new library, there seems to be a 'NOT VALIDATED"
     disclaimer. I would like to be put in contact with someone who has
     actually used and/or validated this library or some components

     The library is being considered for use on a real-time defense
     application. The test routines included are appreciated, but are they
     in any way exhaustive?  Is there any more complete documentation on
     these routines?

     I would appreciate any information or user contact information you
     could provide me.

     Thanks much.

                                                C. CHAPE
                                                (612) 572-6415
                                                (612) 502-0925