Terry J. Westley wrote:
> I've recently begun learning how to write Java applets
> in Ada using Aonix ObjectAda and AppletMagic translators.
> For those of you just starting this adventure, I've made
> up a set of web pages which demonstrate several applets,
> explain the lessons I learned writing each one, and
> provide the Ada source code.
> http://www.buffnet.net/~westley/AdaJava/

Very neat!  This will be helpful to me as I am
just learning the Ada/Java stuff.

I have three suggestions:

1) Please post this to comp.lang.ada, comp.lang.java,
   and comp.lang.java.programmer.

2) Do something in Ada/Java that can't be done in
   Java alone, like generics.  One of the "missing
   features" of Java for the C++ programmer is
   templates.  If one wants to use templates one
   could always use Ada.

3) Exhibit a comparison between Ada/Java and Java
   alone that shows how the Ada version is more
   reliable because of Ada's more powerful type
   system (notice that I don't use the rather flat
   turn-off phrase: "strongly typed" language).
   Tucker Taft has often spoken of errors that
   Java compilers don't catch which the Ada-to-
   Java compilers do catch; it would be neat
   to show an example.

Stanley Allen
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