Please copy me (or the list) if you have such information.  I'm beginning,
actually, to get annoyed by the calls from headhunters.

At 01:38 PM 1/9/98 -0800, Bryce Bardin wrote:
>I get several calls a month from headhunters wanting to fill Ada
>positions.  I usually have to say that all of my contacts are gainfully
>employed already.  As a matter of policy, I don't give them names of
>people that work for my customers.  This would be unethical, in my view.
>If (any of) you can give me points of contact for Ada programmers
>looking for employment to which I can refer the headhunters, I would
>be glad to point them there.
>Bryce Bardin
>Ada Consulting and Training
>Mike Brenner wrote:
>> I know a company with over a hundred former Ada programmers. I have
>> over a dozen friends who would rather be employed in Ada than
>> hanging pointers.
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