Hello everybody,

I noticed there are folks who do SQL with Ada on this list,
so I guess this is the most appropriate place for this question:

I program corporate information systems, and I'd prefer to
code them in Ada.. (And no, I've never coded embedded stuff..;)
We're using Oracle as RDBMS engine and GNAT compiler,
all in Digital Unix.

Now all I miss is some kind of binding between Oracle and GNAT.
I'd prefer ODBC or preferacbly JDBC like stuff, but practically
anything would do - the code does not need to be very portable.
(We'll probably build our own abstraction layer for DBMS things..)

I know I could run Pro*C stuff through c2ada, but maybe there
are better solutions around.


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"Use an old idea"
                   -Brian Eno, Oblique Strategies