As a former student of Dr. Feldman's, if I only knew that all I had to
do was put his name on my resume to get $200K ...
I wonder if that will work at my next review :-)

Bill Pritchett
DCS Corporation

On Saturday, January 10, 1998 12:46 PM, Michael Feldman
[SMTP:[log in to unmask]] wrote:
> > >One such student (admittedly an exception) dropped out of his
> > >doctoral program when one of the big DoD contractors in town
> > >offered him $200k. (BILL CLINTON makes $200k!) Gimmea break -
> > >this guy was good, but...:-)
> >
> > Perhaps they added a significant increment when his resume named his
> > teacher !
> >
> Hoo boy, would I LOVE to believe that!:-)
> (This makes me wanna call him and find out how he's doing.)
> Mike