Dear Ada friends!

I've a problem with the combination of:
* Ada (Telegen2)
* Solaris 2.4
* X.11 (R5)

Have You any experience/solutions in my problem area, or know someone
who has. I'ld
appreciate if you could give me any kind of information.

Problem description:
We are developing a Gui, using TeleUse and SL-GMS, with Ada (Ada83). The
Gui is running in one Solaris process and it seems that the combination
of Ada-delay and X.11 isn't any good idea!

Both X.11 and Ada-delay uses the signal SIGALRM from Solaris.
After X.11 catched an SIGALRM the SIGALRM is cleared. No chance for
the AdaRT to catch the signal.

Is there any solutions to this problem?
It seems that the problem is X.11 (as usual)?