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>Problem description:
>We are developing a Gui, using TeleUse and SL-GMS, with Ada
>(Ada83). The Gui is running in one Solaris process and it seems that the
>combination of Ada-delay and X.11 isn't any good idea!
>Both X.11 and Ada-delay uses the signal SIGALRM from Solaris.
>After X.11 catched an SIGALRM the SIGALRM is cleared. No chance
>for the AdaRT to catch the signal.

You're kidding!  Hasn't somebody fixed this problem *yet*?  I heard about
this problem back in 1988, and at the time I thought it was only a problem
with SunView.  I never heard about any fix for it, though I seem to recall
that Sun and the Ada compiler vendor were each pointing fingers at
each other.  But I would have thought this problem had disappeared by
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