Michael Feldman wrote:

> One of the frustrations we all feel is that we are all full of
> wonderful ideas for stuff Ada needs to increase is acceptance,
> but few of us are able or willing to take the time to actually
> do these things.
> Asking "the Ada community" to develop things is, in my opinion,
> something of a copout; most often, it seems to mean "anyone but me.":-)

Hey, I'd be happy to undertake the production of all these Ada
utilities/bindings/etc.  If arrangements were made to continue
my annual salary I'd gladly work out of my downstairs office :-)
Throw in the salary for my partner (wife :-) and you'd have
a couple with 25+ years Ada programming experience cranking this
stuff out.  And naturally it would all be available under GPL!

> One difference between the Ada "community" and others is that one
> sees "I have developed and contributed..." much more in other
> communities than in ours. To cite one example, the DJGPP (GCC/DOS)
> community has an "announce" mailing list. Hardly a week goes by
> without an announcement of a new contribution to the GCC/DOS
> world, or a significant upgrade to an older version.
> Mike Feldman

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