Michael Feldman wrote:

> Don;t let the distribution mechanism hold you back. Tom, or any other
> Tom's out there, if you have anything you'd like to contribute, write
> me privately and I'll help you find a reasonably easy way to do it!

Actually, write publicly!

Is the PAL the right/best place for this kind of software

Nearly two years ago now I wrote a command line option/argument
handler built on the Command_Line package's services.  I
submitted it to the ARA Programming contest just before it
was recast as a student-only competition (due to lack of student
participation) and then vanished.  The code's still there, in fact
this thread reminded me of it and and I went to take a look at it
last night.  I just haven't really known what to do with it to make
it available to anyone who wants it.

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