Look at and try to explain what is happening or has happened to
Adasage. This was a major selling point for Ada a few years back.
It looks like a nice package, no VB killer, but somewhat attractive.
There was source and documentation for this on the Walnut Creek Ada
CD a few years ago.  Not anymore.  Costs more than a support for gnat.
It might still be free for some uses,  but who needs a multi-user
database system for personal/educational use? I don't expect that
anyone owes me free software, but in this case, I thought that my status
as a US taxpayer might gave me some reasonable equity in what I have
already financed.  But freeware doesn't seem to generate enough revenue
to sustain itself, and everyone needs to make a living.


Crispen, Bob wrote:
> * Free software has until recently had a very bad
> reputation among more conservative managers and
> (to a lesser extent) engineers.
> Thus: no push, no pull.