> why there isn't as much homebuilt freeware for Ada
Two more contributing reasons:
1) A lot of interesting stuff is hardware or OS specific and Ada
hardware and OSes are less concentrated than C. Not so long ago nearly
all C programmers were using DOS (or extended DOS) and a VESA graphics
package would run on their systems.  I suspect only a minority of the
Ada community even *could* run such a thing on their system. So to some
extent "why isn't there more Ada freeware" has the same answer as "why
isn't there more software for X, where X /= Wintel".
2) With the Wintel platform, at least, it's difficult to make an
executable small enough to expect people to download, even with "56K"
modems.  And a lot of source or executables are incomplete without a
bunch of associated libraries and DLLs which are inconvenient, if not
violations of contracts, to post.