Gary Kephart wrote:
> Here's something else you may want to consider: the _type_ of Ada jobs.
> Most Ada jobs are for embedded, real-time systems. That's because that's
> where Ada shines the best. How many people are looking for that type of
> job?

I try to avoid it like the plague.

> I for one really like Ada, but I don't want to do any more embedded
> programming or defense/aerospace work. I want to do GUIs, which usually
> aren't present in embedded systems. There's not many (any?) Ada GUI
> jobs.

He's right.  These jobs are not that plentiful.  I lucked into what I
am doing here at Boeing.

> Maybe there's just a mismatch betweeen the types of jobs many people
> want and the types of jobs that Ada has infiltrated?

I would see more in 3D graphics applications, office productivity tools,
basically "anything C can do I know Ada can do better".  Yeah you can
sing this if you want.  :-)

> Disclaimer: these are my opinions, not ITG's.

I hear ya! :-)

Chris Sparks