Mike Brenner wrote:
> One engineer said > I for one really like Ada, but I don't want to do
>                   > any more embedded programming or defense/aerospace
>                   > work. I want to do GUIs, which usually
>                   > aren't present in embedded systems.
> First, let me congratulate you on disagreeing with me (I would rather
> do embedded systems). This means the world is large enough for both
> of us!

A toast! "To each their own".

> Second, let me further emphasize what you said by saying GUIs are
> NEVER present in embedded systems. An embedded system does NOT have
> a user. An embedded system is INSIDE some other system, which may
> or may not have a GUI (ususally it does not).

Well, I put the "usually" in there because I figured some nit-picker out
there would say something about the apps that are used to test the
embedded system. Those test apps might very well have a GUI. But, yes,
you are quite right that the actual embedded system itself has no GUI.

> Enjoy your GUIs in peace
> Mike

and you enjoy your embedded systems.


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