Robert Cheetham wrote:

> I prefer embedded systems every time, whatever the language is !! Why,
> because I get a kick out of making something in the "real world"
> actually happen.

Frankly, I expect most everyone on Team-Ada (328 people) to prefer
embedded systems. This is a small group of highly enthusiastic
Ada-philes and Ada is mostly used in embedded systems.

Raise your hands if you're using Ada to create desk-top applications or
any other non-embedded software - and that's the main part of your job.

I bet there aren't that many. That's my dilemma. I want to do desktop
applications in Ada, and I just don't think those jobs are easily found.
Therefore, employees train in C or C++ so they can get the types of jobs
the want.

So, my answer to "Are Ada Programmers really that hard to find?" is no,
not if you're looking for embedded system programmers, but yes if you're
looking for desktop programmers.


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