Just to throw my own 2-cents in, I've encountered this issue when
working for TI, GE, MITRE, and Monmouth University.  In all 4 cases,
there was a similar form to fill out disclosing outside business
interests (which I used to tell the organization about my outside
free activities as well), and we discussed the activity in each case.
Afterwards, it was agreed that I could proceed.


Michael Feldman wrote:
> [said Jim Hopper]
> >
> > I had the same experience when coming to SAIC.  Their agreement was a bit
> > unclear on this issue. I refused to sign/hire on till it was modified.  I
> > spoke with the corp lawyers on the phone for a while about my
> > consulting/contract software activities and we worked it out no problem.
> Good people ought to be willing to be reasonable on stuff like this.
> If they are not, it's probably a good sign that you don't really
> wanna work for them.:-)

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