David F. Harrison wrote:
> Yes, Please!
> I think it would be GREAT if we could advertise that the SIGAda'98 Webpage was
> written in Ada!
> Mike Brenner wrote:
> > Bob Eachus said > ... web page in Ada ... easier than sh, or any shell ...
> >                 > definitely a lot more powerful than Perl ...
> >                 > Ada... performs...better than interpreted code...
> >
> > Bob, it might be helpful to outline the complete set of software tools
> > you use to do web pages in Ada, so the readers of this list would know
> > what they have to purchase and what they have to download.

Definitely so: My geekgirl niece's boyfriend, who I recently introduced
to Ada, is now busily writing a webserver in it. He figures that the
security might even make it saleable, but really wants a hack-resistant
site himself.

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