Hi folks,

Can anyone point me to information on using Ada together with C++ on
Windows NT?  The reason that I need to know is that someone here has
spread the opinion that Ada and C++ runtimes are incompatible, so one
cannot use Ada with C++ in the same program on NT.  I am sure that is
not true, but I cannot find any evidence as I am not (yet) an NT
developer.  This question has come up in early planning on a project in
which  certain parts (mainly small prototype GUI sections) may be
developed in C++, while other parts (algorithms, data manipulation) will
be written in Ada 95.  Plans are for the final full-scale development to
be completely in Ada 95.

Sorry if this seems inappropriate on this list, but I don't have news
access from work, and this <is> an Ada advocacy issue.  I need to
quickly reply before someone says, "Oh, Ada is incompatible, so let's
just do the whole thing in C++."

Thanks in advance,

Greg Vantreese
Raytheon Technical Services Company