Hi Gregory,

I believe I can summarize this way:

The short answer is that Ada95 and C++ are compatible.  The longer answer is
that the effort required depends on the choice of compilers for both Ada and

One of the major issues is the C++ name mangling (to resolve overloading),
which is done differently by different compilers.

For example, if you're using gnat, then if the C++ code is done with the gnu
g++ compiler, then the job is easier than it is if the C++ is done with,
say, the Microsoft C++ compiler.  The gnat implementation has some special
pragmas for simplifying the job.

On the other hand, the Aonix compiler is easier to interface with Microsoft

My question, though,  is this -- if you are only developing for the Win32
platform, have you considered the all-Ada95 thick binding to the Win32 API
from RR Software, called Class Library for Ada Windows (CLAW).  The URL for
CLAW information is http://www.rrsoftware.com/claw.htm

If your GUI needs are just for the usual kinds of windowing objects, then
CLAW is a great solution.

David C. Hoos, Sr.

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Date: Friday, January 23, 1998 7:48 AM
Subject: Ada and C++ on NT

>Hi folks,
>Can anyone point me to information on using Ada together with C++ on
>Windows NT?  The reason that I need to know is that someone here has
>spread the opinion that Ada and C++ runtimes are incompatible, so one
>cannot use Ada with C++ in the same program on NT.  I am sure that is
>not true, but I cannot find any evidence as I am not (yet) an NT
>developer.  This question has come up in early planning on a project in
>which  certain parts (mainly small prototype GUI sections) may be
>developed in C++, while other parts (algorithms, data manipulation) will
>be written in Ada 95.  Plans are for the final full-scale development to
>be completely in Ada 95.
>Sorry if this seems inappropriate on this list, but I don't have news
>access from work, and this <is> an Ada advocacy issue.  I need to
>quickly reply before someone says, "Oh, Ada is incompatible, so let's
>just do the whole thing in C++."
>Thanks in advance,
>Greg Vantreese
>Raytheon Technical Services Company