> Perhaps the activity started by Weller (continuing under new
> management?) will consider porting that component.  In fact, I have a
> licensed copy and have successfully compiled it under gnat and Apex, so
> I think all a person would need to do is place it into the public site
> under the auspice of the Weller-Booch agreement, and carry out
> "appropriate" testing.

A few points here:

1) The "new" version (based on the C++ components) do in fact have
several pattern matching features (including a partial regex parser, I
believe).  And, yes, the "new management" (volunteers?), will provide

2) Do NOT, under any circumstances, take a modified version of the Ada
83 components and make them publicly available!  These components are
copyright by Grady and are expressly _not_ for public distribution.

3) I haven't looked at the SPITBOL stuff, but I've heard many good
things about it.  I have great faith that it is fast, efficient, and
easy to use.  Perl is nice, but once you exceed 1000 LOC, you're
REALLY asking for trouble (speaking from experience :-)