On Thursday, February 05, 1998 5:46 AM, Magnus Kempe [SMTP:[log in to unmask]] wrote:
> Here are some January 1998 statistics for the Ada Home Web site
> (<http://www.adahome.com>).
> In (soon) four years of operation, the continued increase observed in the
> number of visits and visitors is definitely a sign that interest in Ada
> is and remains strong.  Not really surprising, since this is an excellent
> language :-)

This is good news.  What other measures do we have of improving
or flagging interest in Ada?

I was recently installing a system at a US Air Force base and
got several comments from both military and civilian personnel
wondering about whether Ada was going to survive or not.  Naturally,
I spent a few minutes pointing out how good Ada and particularly
Ada 95 is.  Pointing out that our system is 90% Ada (by weight,
not by volume ;-) also helps.

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