AdaWorks wrote:
> Jim,
> Your point about availability of personnel is noted. I agree with you
> that this can be used as a reason not to use Ada.
> Since I am in the business of training people to be able to do Ada, I am
> not all that sympathetic toward those who invoke this excuse. In my
> experience, if a programmer already knows C++, the transition to Ada
> is not very difficult.

As a trainer, I agree.

> Those of us, including you, who have been programming for a long time
> learn that the programming languages keep changing but we continue to
> acquire the skills we need as we go.  The fact that the personnel do
> not know Ada should not be an obstacle.  However, I realize it is often
> used as an excuse to select some other language.

Yea verily!

Unfortunately it is a "catch 22" situation.  The demand for training is
low because the conventional wisdom is that the jobs are all in C, C++,
and Java, but there are Ada jobs going begging.  I get hit up several
times a month for possible leads to available Ada programmers, but the
good ones are already fully employed.

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