Michael Feldman wrote:

> He really wanted to tell me that he thought our students were learning
> too much about software engineering and abstraction, and not enough
> close-to-the-metal efficiency. He quizzed them about all sorts of things
> and found them wanting in this area. He was looking for "brilliant
> hackers" (his words), not engineers. He said he appreciated the need
> for quality software at Boeing, but not all the world was airplanes.
> This guy could have been a parody that played off our stereotypical,
> Internet-wisecracking, portrait of the classical Redmond-ite, but he
> was _real_.

Sounds like one for Dilbert.  I wonder if Scott Adams is on this list?
He could have a field day with the entire Ada Mandate.... oops did I
open that can of worms again.. :-0

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