> Where are the Team Ada archives?
> The FAQ at http://www.adahome.com/FAQ/team-ada.html refers to
> ftp://acm.org/sig_forums/sigada/team_ada/mail_archive, but that
> directory appears to be empty.
> The Team Ada page at http://www.acm.org/sigada/resources/sources.htm
> points to http://www.acm.org/archive/team-ada/, which doesn't exist.

The automatic archiving to the Web pages mentioned above has been broken
for quite some time. Both Brad (as Web-guy) and I (as list-guy) have
tried unsuccessfully to get the powers that be at ACM to correct the

As Rick pointed out, archiving is available on the PAL. Also, archives
can be received using the listserver that hosts Team Ada. Here are the

Contributions sent to this list are automatically archived. You can
get a list  of the  available  archive  files by  sending  an
"INDEX TEAM-ADA" command to [log in to unmask]  You can then order
these files  with a "GET TEAM-ADA LOGxxxx"  command,   or  using
LISTSERV's  database search facilities. Send an  "INFO DATABASE"
command for more  information on the latter.

I have not personally attempted to access archives in this manner, so I
cannot attest that (a) this works, or (b) this is in the least bit user

I will rekindle attempts to get the nicer, Web-based archive back on
its feet. In the interim, it is a good idea for the owners of the
Web pages that Terry mentioned to remove the archive links.