Aonix has placed full page advertisements in April for the following

Application Development Trends
Object Magazine
JOOP Magazine
IEEE Computer
Embedded Systems Programming

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At 01:56 AM 4/3/98 -0600, Stanley Allen wrote:
>Take a gander at this:
>As if we didn't have enough problems.
>But I hope some Ada compiler vendor(s) will light
>a candle so we don't have to curse the darkness.
>And do some marketing to boot.  I'm always surprised
>at the lack of marketing effort by Ada vendors.  There
>are Ada vendors and products that no one even knows
>about.  And the well-known ones don't seem to have
>the inclination to expand their market base beyond
>DoD.  When vendors do place ads, they seem to be
>in the wrong place, the wrong periodicals, trying
>to persuade the wrong people.
>Stanley Allen
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