From Team-Ada:

> <<Hmm.  Java support.  And we generate J-Code (well, our Intermetrics Ada-Magic
> front end does).  Is there a match here?  I know little or nothing about the
> Palm Pilot.>>
> The Palm Pilot does not have a JVM, although one exhibitor at JavaOne
> demonstrated an alpha prototype of a JVM running a Go game on the Pilot.  The
> Java compiler for the Pilot generates native code for the Motorola chip
> inside.  It does not generate Java byte codes, so there's no match with your
> compiler.
> The point of the Java-to-native-code compiler is to provide Palm Pilot
> programmers with a palatable alternative to coding in C or C++.  An
> Ada-to-native-code compiler could fill a similar role.

Which Motorola chip?  If 680x0, it shouldn't be hard to make a cross-compiler
for PalmOS from some other GNAT 680x0 cross.