As long as Rational can get 300K for 10 seats of a compiler/cross
compiler even though you would not even know they have ever heard of Ada
from their advertising why would they advertise Ada. Can you say GNAT,
AONIX, OC Systems, Green Hills?? As long as management morons buy the
crap Rational sells we will all get screwed. Grady Booch is a lying
moron!!! The Ada community made that bastard but you would never know he
ever heard of Ada today. Yet even otherwise loyal members of the Ada
community (are you reading this R. R.)  get in bed with them for a quick
buck! I'm so sick of these bastards, I could puke!! They steal money
from ignorant managers and give exactly nothing back to the community.
If any Rational asshole even reads this I'll be suprised. I don''t think
they can even spell Ada. I worked with them on the Beta release of the
R1000 13 years ago and they were arrogant lying bastards then and they
are still today. I think they deserve more credit for the lack of
commercial success of Ada then everyone else put together.

Telling it like it is,

John Riley