Robert I. Eachus said:
> Let's say you are the project manager on a large software
> development project for two years.  Initial delivery is four years
> out.  Now you have a choice:  Require Ada, and any design problems
> will be surfaced on your watch.  Choose C, and they show up a year
> after you are gone.  You have to be crazy to choose Ada under those
> circumstances.
  That isn't merely an amusing comment - it's the kind of analysis of
evolutionary pressures that helps explain what survives and what
doesn't.  Many managers, much of the time, try to do what's best, not
just what gets them promoted.  The ones who get promoted, however,
are the ones who did plenty of what got them promoted.  Either Ada
must be perceived as showing short-term benefits (power, features,
etc) or language decision makers must be promoted based on long-term
criteria (life cycle cost, reliability, and all that).