> Robert C. Leif, Ph.D.[SMTP:[log in to unmask]] sez:
> In terms of markets and marketing, the only significant problem with
> Ada
> has been the compiler vendors' management for not providing the funds
> and
> their marketing departments for lacking in aggression.
Sorry for the tardiness of the reply, and for the
disagreeableness of what follows.

I believe the reason we aren't selling Ada is that
we're selling something that nobody wants.

That is, we're selling a technology.  Nobody wants
a technology.

Or at any rate, nobody with money wants a
technology.  Personally, I happen to love
technologies, but I know perfectly well what
that makes me: a technogeek.

What program managers, or rather, good program
managers and their bosses, want is *not* Ada.  They
don't want object oriented methodologies or even

What they want is reliable, safe software that comes
in on time and on budget.  And if they have a decent
regard for the people in the field, they want maintainable

Every dollar and hour we spend selling technology
are, imho, completely wasted.

Bob Crispen
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speaking for me, not for us, and definitely not for them