Michael Feldman wrote:

>Gates rattles on disingenuously about innovation, but he has, in fact,
>innovated virtually nothing except very smart marketing. He _purchased_
>DOS. He got IBM's contract for PC-DOS almost by accident (it was really
>supposed to go to the CP/M folks, but that's another story for another
>day). He cloned the Mac/Xerox/Amiga GUI ideas (Apple sued him and
>lost, but that was a legal and not a technical matter).

That's right.  In fact, the BASIC interpreter that started Meikro$oft was
a ripoff of the Tiny BASIC interpreter for the Altair 8800, so Meikro$oft
is a company with a LONG history of 0 creativity.  This is the reason M$
is so powerful, because they steal other companies ideas, get sued, beat
the company in court, accusing them of "being jealous," and then they
destroy the other company.  It's not competition in the software market,
it's plagairism (did I spell that correctly?).  And strangely, none of the
M$ fans ever believe me when I tell them just how devious M$ can be...