Hmm.  Java support.  And we generate J-Code (well, our Intermetrics
Ada-Magic front end does).  Is there a match here?  I know little or
nothing about the Palm Pilot.

At 08:16 PM 4/1/98 -0500, David Weller wrote:
>> Has anyone done any programming for the Palm Pilot using Ada?  A quick
>> Altavista search didn't turn up any Ada compilers for this device...
>A quick DejaNews search will reveal I asked a similar question over a
>year ago...I guess I was too forward thinking back then :-)  I've not
>heard of Ada being targeted to PalmOS.  There is, however, Java
>support for it.
>Anything's possible, given enough time/money.  All you need to do is
>find a volunteer/investor :-)
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