Michael Feldman wrote:
> Hi Teamers,
>  [advice about spam on team-ada]

One thing we can all do to reduce team-ada spam is
avoid posting things "TO:" team-ada and "CC:"-ing
them to other forums, like comp.lang.ada (and vice

Programs which search for e-mail addresses (so people
who sell spam toolkits can annouce "1,000,000 e-mail
addresses for a mere $39.95!") aggressively scan all
usenet group message headers to suck every possible
address from them.  This is probably how team-ada
got on the spam lists in the first place.

CC: to an individual is not likely to be a problem.
If you want to copy a team-ada message to any other
public forum, send two separate messages, each with
a single address on the TO: line.

Stanley Allen
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