Tom Moran wrote:

>   What might cause a programmer, when given a new assignment,
> to say to his boss "Let's try Ada for this"?

when I said that to some managers at previous company I did some
contract work for (actualy I asked them why they did not choose Ada),
the big manager answer was that there are little tools and little
support for Ada as compared to C++. And this was for a large
telecommunication project with lots of emmbeded type of programming,
which I thought Ada whould have been very good for.

Also none of the programmers I worked with knew Ada either. So, we just
hacked C++, and the project was always late as usuall, and lots of bugs
and long hours of debugging, but that what the industry wants. for me,
since allot of my work is in fixings broken software, I am very happy
that people use C and C++, this way, there will always be work for me,
actually there is so much work for fixing software around, I have work
to last me 300 years. maintainance(sp?) of C/C++ software is a gold mine
business, becuase very few like to fix software, most like to write it
and then go to do something else (make more broken software :)