AdaWorks wrote:

>   Howabout this, with no apology.
>   C is a universal assembler.  No argument there, I hope.
>   Consider the example of  a little girl who puts on her
>   mother's dress, shoes, and make-up.  At a distance she might even
>   resemble a grown-up.  On closer inspection, you find she is still a
>   little girl.  C++ is simply C dressed up on object-oriented clothes.
>   At a distance, viewed by someone who doesn't know any better, C++
>   does look like a high-level language.  When you get to know it well,
>   it becomes clear that it is still a universal assembler wearing OOP
>   clothes that do not quite fit.

Oh please, go ahead and complete the analogy! Next to the little
girl stands her big sister Ada, a grown woman, whose clothes fit
perfectly, be it an OOP dress or Assembly-level bluejeans pants.
Any you way you look at her, you realize she has the poise and
maturity enough to take on the whole world.

Dave Koogler
Boolean Solutions, Ltd.