Oliver Cole is providing us with an Ada compiler and associated tools. Our
is from Rational, so we're still using Apex as the front end but we are
keeping a close eye on the PowerAda development environment as well.
www.ocsystems.com would probably be the place to look.


PS Comment on quality: good. Comment on support: excellent

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> Date: Wednesday, April 01, 1998 8:00 PM
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> Subject: Ada Toolset for PowerPC
> Could anyone point me to information about commercially available Ada
> toolsets targeted to the PowerPC?
> I'm working on an estimate for rehosting some Ada 83 software from a
> 1750 processor to a PowerPC. We want to stay with Ada 83 to curb the
> costs of rehosting.
> Any experiences good, bad, or ugly with different toolsets are also
> welcome. Please respond directly to me rather than the list. I'll
> summarize the replies to the list if others are interested.
> Thanks in advance,
> Angela Morgan        [log in to unmask]
> Software Engineer
> Honeywell Defense Avionics Systems
> Albuquerque, NM