Hi, Everyone,

In the original announcement, I mentioned two CDROM giveaways at
the Jersey Shore SIGAda talk on the SDE project.  Now there are
four giveaways:

  . the 15th Edition (April 98) of the Walnut Creek Ada CDROM
    -- compliments of Walnut Creek CDROM
  . the 1st Pilot (February 98) of the Walnut Creek SDE CDROM
    -- complements of Walnut Creek CDROM and Microsoft
  . the April 98 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal
    -- compliments of Dr. Dobb's Journal
  . the final activity report of the Public Ada Library
    -- compliments of Jersey Shore SIGAda

The presentation itself will be posted on the Jersey Shore SIGAda
website after the talk.

Supplies of each are limited, so be sure to RSVP ... this offer is
as supplies last.

Richard Conn
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