Per the Banner on the Cover:
        "Winter 1998  Vol. 10".

Per the Table of Contents on Page 3:
        "Welcome to the Spring '98 Campus Computing Sourcebook"

Per the fine print on the back cover:
        "Campus Computing Sourcebook Winter '98

It was received from the Community College Bookstore on
        Monday -- 20 APR 98

Can't find a date code, but per the price disclaimers, it
seems intended to be used for a quarter or a semester.

TAP -- Baltimore SIGAda

P.S. OOPS -- I just saw that there were too many 8s and
not enough 9s in the original post.  The booklet does try to
call itself both Winter & Spring 1998.

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>This was published when?
>>        Campus Computing Sourcebook
>>          Winter 1988  -- Vol. 10