Re. you message on the Team-Ada mailing list:

= I would like to drop a quick note with the hopes of getting in touch
= with a few Ada developers.  [...] I am sure you are all aware, there
= are far more opportunities in the market place today than available
= personnel.  I currently have a few things I am actively working on.
= [...] I have sent this message with the hopes of getting in touch with
= a network of Ada programmers.  [...]

I strongly suggest that you, and others who want to find "Ada people",
submit all Ada-related job vacancies at least to both

- the AdaIC Jobs Bulletin Board
  (or send mail to [log in to unmask])

- the Ada Job Bank (from ACM SIGAda)
  (or send mail to [log in to unmask])

These are free of cost.

In addition, you might want to consider submitting to

- the Ada Job Center

for which a fee is payable.

I have no connection with any of these services, and there definitely
are even more Ada-related job pages: I just want to make sure that as
many as possible Ada "knowledgeable" people are informed of Ada-related
job opportunities.

I hope this helps.

Dirk ([log in to unmask] for Ada-Belgium e-mail)

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