Harbaugh, John S wrote:

> The current issue of Government Computer News reports that DISA is
> closing the Ada Joint Program Office.  Plans call for the office to
> close in September.
> Check  http://www.gcn.com/gcn/1998/June22/it.htm for the article.

I knew this was coming.  I am angered at how the government broke its
promiseto the Ada community.  We accepted the no-mandate BS providing an
was maintained with $15M budget.  It sure doesn't feel very good being
by DISA.  I hope the next tank or airplane that gets built using C++
is buggy and way over budget.  This should teach the powers that be that
should have been using Ada all along.  May those who caused the AJPO to
grow like onions with their head in the ground and their feet in the
air! (Old
Yiddish curse)

Boy am I fuming!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris Sparks