> Let us forget about the mandate. In the true sprit of American Capitalism,
> we have been given a magnificent gift by the Defense Department, Software
> Technology that works. Our potential competitors have been sent on a wild
> goose chase courtesy of Sun and IBM. Since both C++ and Java are, at best,
> poor tools, we have a real competitive edge.

I thought I had learned enough about Java (from reading all these team-ada
and comp.lang.ada discussions) to tell someone that if  C rates a ONE
and  Ada rates a TEN,  then Java must be around EIGHT.

Then I read the first three chapters of _Thinking_In_Java_ by Bruce Eckel,
and I am forced to downgrade Java to SIX.  Since the first chapter is just
Intro, and there are 17 chapters, I hope for Java's sake this trend does
not continue.  :-)