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> > but who will take the task of doing the ADK? this is not a minor task,
> > this a big task, but having a standard ADK is what we need.
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> > ok, back to my web server debugging..
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> > thanks,
> > Nasser
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> As we've said in this group many times, the Ada community is always
> bursting with good ideas about what "we" need, but is also very good
> at saying "you" ought to do it....
> The Linux and DJGPP groups, OTOH, are bursting with messages announcing
> new products; these messages say "look what _I_ did; maybe _you_ can
> use it." Very different cultures, unfortunately...
> If the "we" in the Ada community really needs all these things so badly,
> where are all the "I" people to provide for those needs?
> Mike Feldman

I would love to work on something like this.  Unfortunately, my job
prevents me from doing this.  I'm sure lots of people are in the same

What we need is somebody like Linus Torvalds to head the thing up.
Unless we have the right person at the helm, we will just bicker among
ourselves.  We the right chief architect and initial seed.  If you
haven't read "The Cathedral Verses the Bazaar", it's worth reading.


If someone was willing to hire me and let me devote 10-20% of my time
on this, I'd love to.  I doubt I'm as good as Linus at what he does,
but I think I could do a passable job.  And I'm currently looking for
a new job ;-).


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