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it is for GNAT on linux type activities.


Nicholas Donovan wrote:
> Hello!
> Nicholas Donovan here from New York! I'm probably the newest member of
> Team Ada and currently I pay the bills by being the President of
> Integrated Technologies Corporation but my real passion is coding and
> Linux. :-)
> An idea I have been kicking around is that of developing a Visual
> Development tool using the GNAT compiler and binding Ada to the new GTK
> Library (""); Unfortunately for me I'm new to Ada
> although I have several years at programming in other languages. This
> would be just a hobby but it could be a lot of fun and perhaps get Ada
> better known in the Linux community.
> I would greatly appreciate all your help, suggestions,  hits on the head
> :-) and anything else you could suggest and lets see if we can build
> something here!
> Thank you for your time,
> Nicholas Donovan
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