Jerry van Dijk wrote:
> >
> > Being a Unix fanatic, I wish I needed components for X-Windows, but I
> > need them for Windows 95 and Windows NT.  Thanks.
> Well, I guess you will have to learn Windows programming...

Well, this would be the wise thing for him to do
given the variety of options for Windows GUI
programming in Ada.  But, an option for the
Unix-impaired is to use TeleUSE/Win from Aonix,
which automatically generates Windows look-n-feel
GUIs running on an X server on Windows.  Then again,
it's not a particularly cheap solution, and Bill
has already indicated he can't spend any money.
Maybe there are some free X bindings and a free
Windows X server out there.  Yuck.

-- Dave Wood, Aonix
-- Product Manager, Win32 and Java products