We are excited to announce that with CHI 99, we are introducing a new
category of submissions - Video Papers.

A Video Paper provides the opportunity to submit the same high-quality,
rigorously-refereed material associated with traditional textual papers, but
using the dynamic medium of video. Authors may submit video papers on the
same topics as traditional papers.

This submission category provides a unique opportunity for many new kinds of
submissions. For example, processes and techniques can be shown directly.
Empirical studies can show how the experiment was really run. Long-term
studies can show how people change their usage patterns over time.
Descriptions of systems can show how users solve problems.

Video papers will be published in the CHI 99 Video Proceedings, which will
be distributed to all conference attendees and available for purchase from
ACM after the conference. They are accompanied by a four-page textual paper
in the CHI 99 Conference Proceedings, and Video Paper authors will be
expected to present their work at the conference in a technical session.
Thus, video papers provide the same exposure and long-term access as
traditional textual papers.  You can find all the details about Video Papers


The traditional CHI videos have now been moved to the Demonstration
category, and should be used to demonstrate an interface concept, system,
technique, or methodology.

If you have any questions about video papers, please contact me, the area

  - Ben Bederson

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