David Weller wrote:
> Working in Ada, anymore, can only be construed as a labor of love :-)

When I read this, I decided that I should begin
working in at Taco Bell to supplement the subsistence
pay I am getting at my Ada job.  Of course I'll stick
to doing Ada forever, even as my salary dwindles *below*
minimum wage.  (When customers are impressed with
some of my SLOCs, they throw a few coins in my cup.)

You know us starving-artist types.  When the well finally
runs dry where I am now, I suppose I'll have to take up
an itinerant life-style, packing my portable, going from
town to town working odd jobs by day and devoting my
nights to the lost cause.

But I'm tough.  A survivor.  I know I'll make it
through this winter ... somehow.

Stanley Allen
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