david wrote:

> Take a look at www.ideo.com It has won numerous awards and it spawns a
> new window which is the content and your original window becomes
> redundant. I hate it, but Metadesign have been much praised for its
> intuitive interface.

And it's rude as well:

    This site is optimized for Netscape Navigator
    and Microsoft Internet Explorer. If the other
    window has not appeared, we recommend that you
    download the newest version of either of these

Rule 1:  Don't assume that the failure to execute JavaScript is
due to an old browser.

Rule 2:  Don't assume that the user has either the desire or
the freedom to upgrade.

Guideline:  Provide an alternative mechanism for getting the content,
for people who can't or don't use JavaScript.

Rule 3:  Don't display rude messages about browser version.
If you refuse to provide an alternative mechanism, make the
messages more gentle.


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