Dear professional dieter,

     Do not think of this message as another email fattening your
mailbox.  As a therapist specializing in healthy diets, you have been
carefully culled from lists of possible recipients.  There is no
obligation on your part other than your attention span for a brief time.

     Enclosed as a postscript to this email is the company's promotion
materials and ordering blank.  The jist of this message is to inform you

of a dietary cookie produced by Geneva Healthways Inc.  Unlike others
you may have eaten or endorsed in the past the cookie's natural
ingredients "burn" off calories rather than merely omit them from a

     Interested!  Want to know more?

     As I do support the nutritional aspects of the cookie, I do endorse

posting the attached postscript file as a poster on a relevant bulletin
board of your choice.

Sincerely, with regards SAJ

P.S. See Below.

          Cookie Company Invents Lazy Way to Lose Weight!

    By Mixing A Super - Natural Secret Formula into a "Delicious
Tasting Cookie"

   Creating A High Fiber, Low Fat Cookie That is  Highly Effective for
Weight Loss!

Tustin, CA - An amazing new delicious chocolate chip cookie has been
developed and perfected by a California based cookie company that has
been working intensely for over two years with a team of leading
specialists on the process of mixing a secret special blend of nature's
best ingredients into a delicious tasting Cookie that aids in the weight

loss process". Consumers have reported losing weight from the very first

day.  News of the dramatic weight loss people have received on the
cookie has started to sweep the country.

         Cookie A Day Helps Melt The Fat Away

The effect the Cookie has on your body is truly amazing.  The
combination of this 100% natural formula mixed into a high fiber cookie
plays a key role in speeding up the body's weight loss process in three
ways.  (1) Cookie helps in delivering the ingredients by expanding in
your stomach and slowly releasing nutrients, offering a delicious meal
replacement.  (2) The cookie's amazing secret formula controls your
appetite by suppressing the hunger response in both the brain and the
stomach.  (3) The cookie revs up your natural metabol- ism so the excess

calories are burned away before they can become ugly pockets of fat and

Regardless of how many times you have tried unsuccessfully to lose
weight before, you are guaranteed to enjoy success with the Geneva
Health Cookie Diet.

         Cookies Are Safe and Effective

Research shows that its unique formula helps to stimulate your body's
natural weight loss process.  This means the production of heat through
the burning of calories.  The Cookie is a major breakthrough for the
overweight population in America.  However, a word of caution is in
order.  Because the Cookies are 100% natural and delicious tasting, and
so effective at reducing fat, there is a tendency for people to overdo
it.  Do not allow yourself to become too thin.  If you lose weight too
rapidly, limit your intake or even skip a day.  Have a goal in mind and
try not to go beyond it.  People have found one cookie a day is good
enough for them.  Remember, IT'S THE LAZY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT.

         Limited Supplies Due to Consumer Demand

In order to ensure an adequate supply of cookies for our regular
customers, we must limit your first order to 3 boxes of cookies per
household.  The cookie has documented results from numerous skeptical
people who now swear by them.  Geneva Health Cookies are a delicious
diet aid to help you lose weight and maintain your ideal weight.  We
recommend that you take a minimum of one cookie per day and no more than

two cookies per day along with your normal eight glasses of water.
Balanced eating habits along with regular exercise are also suggested.
If you ever wanted to lose weight the easy way, Geneva Health Cookies
are for you.

         Order Your Geneva Cookies Today!

Ordering Geneva Health Cookies is fast and reliable.  Each Cookie is 2
oz. and individually wrapped to ensure freshness and convenience.  Send
$24.95 for one box of 14 cookies, or $44.95 for two boxes, or $59.95 for

three boxes (each containing 14 delicious chocolate chip Cookies).  Add
$4.95 for shipping & handling on all orders.  You can order the cookies
knowing that if you are not completely satisfied with the results, you
can just return the cookies for a refund of your purchase price.  The
cookies are 100% GUARANTEED.

Order directly by using the following order blank and mailing your
payment to:

             Geneva Healthways, 13681 Newport Ave. #8317, Tustin, CA

 Order Your Cookies Today!

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  Yes, please send me the Geneva Health Cookie Diet!  I understand it is
fully guaranteed.  I am ordering:

       (   )   1 Box:  $29.90    (   )   2 boxes:  $49.90    (    )   3
boxes: $64.90

Ship to:

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I would like to lose:  ( )  less than 20 lbs.  ( )  between 20-50 lbs.
( )  above 50 lbs.

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