To the Team,

I am working on a project the requires the use of Rational's Rose modeling tool
and Apex compiler.  We are using Rose 98 on Win95/NT to generate the models.
Once the models are complete we have to move them to Rose Ada on a Sparc for
code generation, reverse engineering, and builds.  This is done because Rose 98
does not support Ada95.  While at Rational for an Apex course I spoke to the
Rose 98 sales/marketing support people about an Ada95 addin for Rose 98.  I
thought this was a reasonable request as Rational sells a Win95/NT Ada95
compiler.  The response was unexpected.  I was told that they saw no future in
Ada and no one used Ada on PCs, just Java, Visual C++, and Visual Basic.  They
also stated that they knew they had lost the Ada market and saw no reason to
support Ada on their PC product.  I pointed out the Aonix has sold
75,000-85,000 licenses of ObjectAda and that translates into a fairly nice
market potential for modeling tools.

Does any one else think that an Ada95 addin for Rational Rose would be a
good idea.  I know Aonix has StP, but as a consumer I like the idea of choices.

Also, does this attitude worry anyone else?

Philip Johnson
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