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>Last March I posted a notice about a system I was planning that would
>view a collection of packages as an electronic book in the sense that a
>book has a table of contents and an index.  Many of you provided many
>suggetions about this project.  To make a long story short, I was able
>to interest one of our grad students in the project and it came together
>much faster that we anticipated. You can check it out at
>    http://www.cs.uofs.edu/~beidler/Ada/adlibr.html

I tried, and I find nothing.  The page above it was mostly readable, but
had nothing clickable. This is with both Internet Explorer and Netscape

My only guess is that it might have something to do with security
I realize that security may not be of concern to those in Academia, but I
would ask that anyone who truly wants to communicate please make sure that
web pages are meaningful to those who have disabled any or all of:


Larry Kilgallen